Meet Our Merchants

Staying Connected & Involved

As a member of the Upper Albany Merchants Association, our merchants participate in our cooperative endeavor to foster solidarity and handle problems that may arise within the community thereby positively contributing to our Economic Revitalization efforts.


…involves getting everyone working toward the same goal and assembling the appropriate human and financial resources to implement a Main Street revitalization program. The Upper Albany Merchants Association creates a cooperative effort to deal with the problems and conditions of the commercial strip which serves as a gateway to Downtown Hartford. This assembly brings about a sense of community between the micro-entrepreneurs creating a synergy.


…means getting the Main Street community into top physical shape. Capitalizing on creating an even more inviting atmosphere, safer parking areas and sidewalks, facade improvements, and improving store front appearance, Upper Albany Main Street has initiated and voiced the concerns of the community for instilling good maintenance practices, rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging appropriate new construction, and long-term planning.


…sells a positive image of the commercial district and encourages consumers and investors to live, work, shop, play and invest in the neighborhood. Upper Albany Main Street assists the local community in promoting a more vibrant community through initiatives including our Anti-Litter Campaign starring “Mac The Vac” as well as our annual Banner and Holiday Lighting Program, which gives a distinct look and feel to the commercial strip while instilling a sense of pride in the community.

Economic Restructuring

…strengthens a community’s existing economic assets while expanding and diversifying its economic base. The award-winning Micro Business Incubator Program brings training, development, resources, and support to the commercial corridor, pivotal in the economic restructuring of Upper Albany. Partnering with the University of Hartford and the Metro Hartford Alliance, Upper Albany Main Street is able to guide and monitor the economic development of the district.