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Hartford Parking Study indicates huge changes

As the City of Harford seeks to rebuild the supporting momentum for revitalization that existed prior to the pandemic, a study by THA Consulting of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, indicated that, as development unfolds in the coming years,  the City may have to replace and even increase the number of parking spaces that already exist.  According to a study by the University of Connecticut, Hartford has 80 percent more parking spaces than cities of similar size, and the so-called parking craters that were developed when buildings were demolished for redevelopment projects but were scrapped, have been frequently ridiculed as blemishes on the landscape.

In the past, the City was applauded for eliminating minimum parking requirements citywide on new projects, as a means of supporting redevelopment and promoting alternative modes of transportation through public dependence on mass transit, but as noted in the recent study, such a transition has been at a slower pace than that of other cities. Erin Howard, Hartford’s Director of Economic Development, asserted the need for a delicate balance between creating the right type of parking that supports redevelopment yet simultaneously encouraging building on surface lots throughout the city. The study alluded to the limited power that the city has in its effort to drive pricing and use parking as a means of influencing future development in the city.

There is also a concern for small businesses due to the upsurge of work-at-home business response to the pandemic which has since increased in popularity therefore, the need for businesses to thrive and stay open, has become a primary focus. The current objective is to build mixed-use residential/commercial properties in strategic locations and strategize on both new and existing parking lots through mixed-use parking arrangements that can accommodate commercial parking during the daytime and residential parking after work hours. Further details can be viewed on the Hartford Courant website.

Source: Kenneth R. Gosselin, Hartford Courant, Sunday, March 5, 2023.

Will Upper Albany project come through?

In an article published by the Hartford Courant, Kenneth Gosselin asked the question (titled) above and referenced the redevelopment plans for revitalizing the Upper Albany area in Hartford, CT.  The article continues that the vacant parcel of land located at the corner of Albany Avenue and Woodland Street in the heart of Upper Albany could hold the key to making the neighborhood an area of destination instead of simply a pass-through between the suburbs and downtown Hartford.

This is a $15M development plan that will include a 2-level sit-down restaurant with rooftop dining, a soon-to-be-named national retailer,  a bank branch, a community room, and a relocated City Health Department and WIC offices.  Further details may be viewed on page 3 of the Hartford Courant dated June 20, 2022.

Housing and restaurants included in proposal for development in Hartford

An article authored by Kenneth R. Gosselin published in the Hartford Courant on June 17,2022,  reports that the Capital Regional Development Authority (CRDA) will begin evaluating  four proposals for the Performing Arts initiative on a two-acre parcel of barren expanse as a major redevelopment near the Bushnell Center.

It is reported that the proposals call for 250 to 350 units of housing, split between 80 percent market-rate and 20 percent  affordable 25,000 square feet of commercial space, and various plans for parking garages. The vision is to create a stronger, walkable connection between Bushnell Park, the nearby Hartford Hospital district and Park Street, and extending to Colt Park.  Further information can be viewed  on Hartford Courant online at

Image Resource Credit: Mark Mirko / Hartford Courant.

Dr. Fichman Awarded Business Owner of the Year

“God fortunately has given me a gift…the gift of microsurgery. Eyesight is one of the most precious gifts I can think of. That’s why it gives me great personal satisfaction to give the gift of sight to my patients through the latest surgical techniques.”

“When it comes to specialized eye care, time is often as important as skill. We’re ready to handle emergencies anytime—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because we know that sometimes quick action can keep a trauma from becoming a tragedy.”

Click here to view Dr. Fichman’s credentials and bio.

Visit Connecticut Main Street Center to view Dr. Fichman’s award announcement.

Urban Land Institute Kicks-Off Hartford Site Visit

Urban Land Institute Kicks-Off Hartford Site Visit

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(January 30, 2013) – Over the next several days, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra will be joined by representatives of the Urban Land Institute, planners and urban design specialists from across the country and officials from the cities of Tacoma (WA), Louisville (KY) and Austin (TX) to inspect and tour the Albany Avenue corridor in order to develop suggested development strategies at four node points, including at the critical intersections of Woodland and Homestead. The tour culminates on Friday with a full presentation of the findings at the Artists Collective, located at 1200 Albany Avenue, from 9am to 11am. Last year, Mayor Segarra was selected by ULI as a Daniel Rose Fellow, which involves a year-long program centered on innovative urban development.

[View the group’s full presentation (PDF, 7.1MB)]

“We used Albany Avenue as the case study because it has a significant volume of traffic every day, serves as a connector to Hartford from surrounding areas and has all the essential components for a vibrant commercial corridor.  It needs to be a destination, not a place one simply drives through.  Strategic planning from professionals of this caliber that costs the Capital City absolutely no money will leverage that traffic, drive retail and business development and create a thriving and vibrant corridor,” said Mayor Segarra.

The Rose Fellows team from the City of Hartford includes:

  • Thomas Deller, Director of Development Services
  • Brandon McGee, State Representative for the 5th District
  • Steven Bonafonte, Partner at Pullman & Comley and Chairman of the Hartford Redevelopment Agency

For more information on the City of Hartford’s study, please visit the study’s page on the Urban Land Institute website. Biographies of all site review participants attached.

The Daniel Rose Fellowship is the flagship program of the ULI Daniel Rose Center, established in 2008 by the ULI Foundation Governor Daniel Rose.  The Center aims to empower leaders in the public sector to envision, build and sustain successful 21st century communities by providing access to information, best practices, peer networks and other resources to foster creative, efficient and sustainable land use practices.

About the Urban Land Institute:

The Urban Land Institute ( is a nonprofit education and research institute supported by its members. Its mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Established in 1936, the Institute has nearly 30,000 members worldwide representing all aspects of land use and development disciplines. Hartford is within the ULI Boston/ New England District Council.

Rte 44 Safety Improvement Meeting

Mayor Perez Presents the Design
Mayor Perez Presents the Design

Mayor Eddie Perez presented information on the Rte. 44 Safety Improvement plan last night with a diverse audience from the community and organizations such as Upper Albany Main Street, the Department of Transportation, and the Capital Region Council of Governments. Upper Albany has been working extensively with the legislation and with key players to help move this project forward, and would like to thank all who came for their dedication to the Upper Albany neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Community Visioning Collaborative

Upper Albany Main Street has been collaborating with community leadership from Upper Albany, Blue Hills, Clay Arsenal, and Asylum Hill to bring people together to strengthen relationships and create a comprehensive vision for our community. Everyone is invited to come and express exactly what they feel the community should be moving for at our Visioning Meeting on Saturday, April 17, 2010. The meeting will be held at Milner Core Knowledge Academy at 9:00 am through 1:00 pm.  Childcare will be available, and lunch will also be provided. Check out the flyer at the bottom of this page for more information, as we hope to see you there!

Community Visioning

Feb 11th Design Committee Meeting

Design Committee Meeting
February 11, 2010


Attendence: Celestia Simmons, Anothony Rinaldi, S. Keller, Doug Gemmell, Kevin Burnham, Yvette Mosely, Keith Tinker, Chris Grant, Glenn Geathers

MeetingMeeting called to order at 10:15 AM by Marilyn Risi.

Minutes- Motion to accept the Minutes of January 14, 2010 by Marilyn Risi. Meeting was duly made and seconded. Unanimous.

Route 44 Improvement Project

  • The submission for 2011 application to Larsen’s office is underway.
  • Public Works is moving along with CROG for the infrastructure.
  • By next week the Main Street Agency will submit for the pedestrian amenities.
  • The city is also working with the MDC and DOT in order to combine the projects to reduce cost. The use of one single contractor will allow one agency to develop a contract for the project. Negotiations between MDC and DOT are taking place.
  • There is a way to go before the contract is put together. There is a need for money from another source in order for this to work.


  • The project is currently on track and moving forward.
  • Construction documents are being prepared and a community meeting will be planned for the public.
  • Expect to begin the project in the spring.


  • Edgewood Street
    • Currently under construction on the North side.
    • There has been complete installation of both storm and sanitary lines.
    • Currently working on lateral installation. Eighteen homes have been re-plumbed to date. Once this is complete plan to restore the road
    • Burton Street
      • Progressing to preconstruction activity.
      • Anticipate spring start time.
      • Baldisar has been contracted.
      • Garden Street
        • Paganelli was awarded the contract
        • Preparatory work being done. Utility companies still working on movement of lines.
        • Outreach efforts will be put out to bid.
        • Sewer Project – Contract Number 2009-87
        • The project includes the installation of approximately 900 feet of 48 inch reinforced concrete drain pipe by the micro-tunneling and open cut methods
        • The installation of approximately 600-feet of 12-inch PVC sanitary sewer pipe via the open cut method.
        • The installation of approximately 200-feet of 10-inch PVC storm sewer pipe via the open cut method.
        • New building service connections.
        • The installation of a new CSO regulator structure with slide gate, rehabilitation of the existing combined sewers on Albany Avenue, Garden Street and Liberty Street as indicated, and appurtenant work.
        • The Work shall be located in the City of Hartford; in the State of Connecticut as shown on the Drawings and specified herein.
        • Coastline
          • Coastline will be moving out of 111 Homestead Avenue and Baltazar will move over to the corner of Homestead and Sigourney.
          • Baltazar is temporarily located at 146 Homestead Avenue on the corner of Edgewood and Homestead.

Town Center

  • Closing has occurred with Exxon Mobile and the city now owns the property.
  • There has been a request to meet with Clean Harbor Environmental in order to authorize a complete clean up of the remaining hot spots.
  • Fuss and O’Neil will monitor cleaning in order to bring the property to proper commercial standards. The fence will also be brought up to the front of the property and mafia blocks will be removed.
  • A new project sign is being manufactured and will be put out on Woodland.
  • Currently working with Barbara McGrath to start advertising for a project manager.
  • The city is in the process of recommending money for the position in order to help UADC get started and leverage additional money.
  • The RFP is being finalized and environmental section has been added to the document.
  • Complete history of the different projects that have taken place on the site will also be incorporated. Including test 1 and test 2.
  • Subsurface remediation of the three properties is left for the site cleanup.
  • They have received calls from a number of large developers. There is a big push coming from Rite Aid.

North West Jones School and Johnny Rodgers

  • Received money from the Hartford Foundation to address the stabilization of the building. Contracts to be awarded.
  • The CDBG application was submitted.
  • Contact the project manager, Ralph Knighten (860-522-7687) for a report. Fred Smith, board representative, could also give an official update.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20

The next meeting will occur at 10:00AM at the Artists Collective on Thursday, March 11th, 2010.