MBI Practicum: Spring 2024

Dr. Celia Lofink, Marilyn Risi, Beverly Redd, and Vinette McCaulsky-Walker expressed appreciation on behalf of the University of Hartford, to the small business owners who participated in the Spring 2024 MBI Marketing/Management practicum at the University of Hartford. Thirteen students from the university’s Barney School of Business were paired with 13 businesses located in the Upper Albany neighborhood, on diverse projects that provided experiential learning for the students as they help the business owners in completing their projects. From From left to right, (front row), Hortense Ross, Dr. Celia Lofink, Marilyn Risi, Morris Hardaway, Debra Montague, and Precious Ross-Ellis. (back row) Vinette McCaulsky-Walker, Beverly Redd, Kerron Vernon, Ace Andaleeb, Herman Todd, Gordon Jones, Alburn Montague, and Kiriakos Christoforakis.