HEDCO Highlights Temple Body Butter LLC

HEDCO showcased Temple Body Butter, LLC  (TBB) in an article titled, Temple Body Butter: Nourishing Lives with Nature’s Touch, written by Itzel Martinez Garcia on April 30, 2024.

Lyons was lauded as a visionary and a bright gem with the promise of natural healing and the warmth of Caribbean wisdom. Under the caption Crafting Organic Butter for the Skin and Soul, TBB was touted as offering solace to anyone seeking to avoid the chemical-laden products of mass production. TBB has twenty-one enchanting scents. Each whipped body butter is a diverse blend of Shea, Cocoa, Nilotica, and Mango, butters catering to fragrant and fragrance-free personal preferences, that are available for purchasing online at TBB’s website: www.templebodybutter.com

In acknowledgment, Lyons said, “I want to provide our customers with products they can be confident knowing are sourced from natural, pure, and organic ingredients that are Fair Trade Certified. We live in a society where everything is mass-produced and filled with chemicals that are harmful to the body. Using our products eliminates that worry.” 

Additional information may be viewed on the HEDCO website at: https://hedcoinc.com/temple-body-butter-nourishing-lives-with-natures-touch/ 

Photo Source Credit: Itzel Martinez Garcia, HEDCO and June Lyons


June Lyons poses with assortment of butters