Quality Of Life

Improving The Quality Of Life:

Upper Albany Main Street initiated activities to improve the long-term quality of life with a goal of stabilizing the economic climate of the Upper Albany commercial district.  UAMS led the Neighborhood Restoration Committee of the Upper Albany/Clay Arsenal through the Weed and Seed Program.

Public Safety Project:

Our most recent Quality of Life initiative is the Albany Avenue Public Safety Project.  UAMS is working with residents, merchants, law enforcement officials, and security consultants to design and launch the Public Safety Project that proposes the use of security cameras along Albany Avenue to improve public safety for the entire district.  As part of the new Route 44 Facade Improvement / Streetscape project, a wireless mesh network of security cameras will be installed along utility poles at strategic locations to assist law enforcement officials, protect investments, and reduce crime along Albany Avenue.

Working with the City of Hartford, the Hartford Police Department’s Community Service Officer, and neighborhood organizations to enforce current health and safety regulations and maintain a safe and attractive commercial district, UAMS Quality of Life programming supports the ongoing efforts to reduce and prevent crime in Upper Albany through the U.S. Department of Justice’s Weed and Seed program. UAMS crime prevention committee catalyzed the designation of Upper Albany as a Weed and Seed Community.  According to the Department of Justice:

Weed and Seed… is an innovative, comprehensive multi-agency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention, and community revitalization… Weed and Seed is foremost a strategy… that aims to prevent, control, and reduce violent crime, drug abuse, and gang activity in designated high-crime neighborhoods across the country.