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March 23 MBI Class featuring Keith Tinker

Keith Tinker discusses the need for insurance with a student.
Keith Tinker discusses the need for insurance with a student.

Upper Albany Main Street was proud to have Keith Tinker of Tinker Insurance as a presenter for todays Micro Business Incubator class. Keith shared his understanding of the insurance industry with the students and explained the history of insurance along with why small businesses need insurance, as well as individuals. He also lead the class into a very intriguing and insightful conversation on the economy and America’s future as a player in the world market. Thank you very much Mr. Tinker!

Rte 44 Safety Improvement Meeting

Mayor Perez Presents the Design
Mayor Perez Presents the Design

Mayor Eddie Perez presented information on the Rte. 44 Safety Improvement plan last night with a diverse audience from the community and organizations such as Upper Albany Main Street, the Department of Transportation, and the Capital Region Council of Governments. Upper Albany has been working extensively with the legislation and with key players to help move this project forward, and would like to thank all who came for their dedication to the Upper Albany neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Community Visioning Collaborative

Upper Albany Main Street has been collaborating with community leadership from Upper Albany, Blue Hills, Clay Arsenal, and Asylum Hill to bring people together to strengthen relationships and create a comprehensive vision for our community. Everyone is invited to come and express exactly what they feel the community should be moving for at our Visioning Meeting on Saturday, April 17, 2010. The meeting will be held at Milner Core Knowledge Academy at 9:00 am through 1:00 pm.  Childcare will be available, and lunch will also be provided. Check out the flyer at the bottom of this page for more information, as we hope to see you there!

Community Visioning

March 9th MBI Class Featuring Cherie Griffith-Dunn!

Cherie of VLO teaches about community development
Cherie of VLO teaches about community development

Today our MBI class was inspired by VLO of New England’s President and CEO Cherie Griffith-Dunn. Cherie has a wealth of knowledge covering community development from being a developer and went into great detail for our class on what skill sets are critical for success in her field. The spread of topics she covered included legal, OSHA, sales, marketing, underwriting, management, leadership, negotiations, and many others, and the class was very impressed with how dynamic of a leader Cherie is and how invested she is in her work. We are glad to have her as a valued Board member here at Upper Albany Main Street, and would like to thank Cherie for her continued involvement in our program and community!

Upper Albany is working to keep you informed!

UAMS is spreading the word.
UAMS is spreading the word.

UAMS has been working with the MDC to keep the community informed on the progress with the Clean Water Project involving Burton St., Magnolia St., Irving St., and Sigourney Street. To all owners and residents: Beginning in March, the Metropolitain District (MDC) and Baltazar Contractors, Inc, will be working in your neighborhood to prepare for this sewer separation project. The initial work will include surveying current external and internal plumbing connections to the sewer system. The purpose of this project is to separate existing combined sewers and establish new laterals and connections to homes, which will reduce basement backups, street flooding and improve sewer function.

Please join us today, Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 6:30PM at our Outreach Office located at 863 Albany Avenue, Hartford for a project presentation and light refreshments.

Burton Street Public Outreach Flyer

MBI March 3rd Class Featuring Kim Hawkins!

Kim Hawkins
Kim Hawkins teaches about HEDCo

For todays MBI classroom presentation we are very proud to introduce Kim Hawkins, the Director of the Business Resource Center at the Hartford Economic Development Company.  Kim’s presentation came at a perfect time as HEDCo’s ability to lend to a wider range of entrepreneurs complimented our previous presentation from Dean Andrews of Bank of America, who spoke extensively on the differences between commercial lenders and community economic development funds.  Kim expounded on the success stories that HEDCo has funded in the past by micro-entrepreneurs who were extended credit they otherwise could not have acquired without their help, and explained why they were able to help these small businesses. Since HEDCo is independent from strict regulations due to their not being a bank that takes deposits, HEDCo has more freedom to invest as they see fit. This allows them to ‘never say no’ to an idea, and they will help develop the business venture’s plan until the investment becomes secure enough through due diligence to deserve a loan. Kim, thank you very much for your enlightening presentation and all that you have done for enabling Hartford’s economy!

MBI February 23rd Class Featuring Herman Todd!

Herman Informs the Students about his Business
Herman Informs the Students about his Business

Today we are very proud to welcome Herman Todd of Living Word Imprints as our February 23rd MBI class speaker! Herman has been running a ‘One Stop Print Shop’ for about 10 years now, and intrigued our students with the trials and tribulations of growing a small business to the level that his is currently at. His business started with an idea and a couple self training books on shirt printing and has grown exponentially to where they are now, delivering copy services, banners, signs, embroidery,  and much more. Thank you Herman for showing our students what dedication and confidence can do, and being such a great asset to our community!

February 17th MBI Class

Dean Andrews Presents

Upper Albany Main Street is proud to present this weeks MBI In-class presenter,  Dean Andrews,  a CFA and Bank of America’s Market Development Manager for the State of Connecticut. Dean provided for our students timely information on the country’s credit and loan scenario with excerpts from The Hartford Courant, and also insight into the Community Development Financial Institutions that are available for entrepreneurs in CT.  Thank you Dean for your fantastic presentation!

Feb 11th Design Committee Meeting

Design Committee Meeting
February 11, 2010


Attendence: Celestia Simmons, Anothony Rinaldi, S. Keller, Doug Gemmell, Kevin Burnham, Yvette Mosely, Keith Tinker, Chris Grant, Glenn Geathers

MeetingMeeting called to order at 10:15 AM by Marilyn Risi.

Minutes- Motion to accept the Minutes of January 14, 2010 by Marilyn Risi. Meeting was duly made and seconded. Unanimous.

Route 44 Improvement Project

  • The submission for 2011 application to Larsen’s office is underway.
  • Public Works is moving along with CROG for the infrastructure.
  • By next week the Main Street Agency will submit for the pedestrian amenities.
  • The city is also working with the MDC and DOT in order to combine the projects to reduce cost. The use of one single contractor will allow one agency to develop a contract for the project. Negotiations between MDC and DOT are taking place.
  • There is a way to go before the contract is put together. There is a need for money from another source in order for this to work.


  • The project is currently on track and moving forward.
  • Construction documents are being prepared and a community meeting will be planned for the public.
  • Expect to begin the project in the spring.


  • Edgewood Street
    • Currently under construction on the North side.
    • There has been complete installation of both storm and sanitary lines.
    • Currently working on lateral installation. Eighteen homes have been re-plumbed to date. Once this is complete plan to restore the road
    • Burton Street
      • Progressing to preconstruction activity.
      • Anticipate spring start time.
      • Baldisar has been contracted.
      • Garden Street
        • Paganelli was awarded the contract
        • Preparatory work being done. Utility companies still working on movement of lines.
        • Outreach efforts will be put out to bid.
        • Sewer Project – Contract Number 2009-87
        • The project includes the installation of approximately 900 feet of 48 inch reinforced concrete drain pipe by the micro-tunneling and open cut methods
        • The installation of approximately 600-feet of 12-inch PVC sanitary sewer pipe via the open cut method.
        • The installation of approximately 200-feet of 10-inch PVC storm sewer pipe via the open cut method.
        • New building service connections.
        • The installation of a new CSO regulator structure with slide gate, rehabilitation of the existing combined sewers on Albany Avenue, Garden Street and Liberty Street as indicated, and appurtenant work.
        • The Work shall be located in the City of Hartford; in the State of Connecticut as shown on the Drawings and specified herein.
        • Coastline
          • Coastline will be moving out of 111 Homestead Avenue and Baltazar will move over to the corner of Homestead and Sigourney.
          • Baltazar is temporarily located at 146 Homestead Avenue on the corner of Edgewood and Homestead.

Town Center

  • Closing has occurred with Exxon Mobile and the city now owns the property.
  • There has been a request to meet with Clean Harbor Environmental in order to authorize a complete clean up of the remaining hot spots.
  • Fuss and O’Neil will monitor cleaning in order to bring the property to proper commercial standards. The fence will also be brought up to the front of the property and mafia blocks will be removed.
  • A new project sign is being manufactured and will be put out on Woodland.
  • Currently working with Barbara McGrath to start advertising for a project manager.
  • The city is in the process of recommending money for the position in order to help UADC get started and leverage additional money.
  • The RFP is being finalized and environmental section has been added to the document.
  • Complete history of the different projects that have taken place on the site will also be incorporated. Including test 1 and test 2.
  • Subsurface remediation of the three properties is left for the site cleanup.
  • They have received calls from a number of large developers. There is a big push coming from Rite Aid.

North West Jones School and Johnny Rodgers

  • Received money from the Hartford Foundation to address the stabilization of the building. Contracts to be awarded.
  • The CDBG application was submitted.
  • Contact the project manager, Ralph Knighten (860-522-7687) for a report. Fred Smith, board representative, could also give an official update.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20

The next meeting will occur at 10:00AM at the Artists Collective on Thursday, March 11th, 2010.