Healing Hands Home Care Services, LLC:

The Upper Albany Main Street’s Commercial Façade Improvement Program (CFIP) has helped me to generate solutions to various issues within my business.

–  It provided me with the financial opportunity to improve my business image via an attractive storefront that now imparts a positive public image.
–  My business now has beautiful amenities and effective security in place.
–  My business now attracts and sustains the most qualified person who will feel comfortable in a great working environment.
–  It helped me to invest in my business, people, and the community as a whole.

The CFIP is changing public perception of the Upper Albany Community and it is great to be a part of this


Merice Henriques-Bryan
Owner, Healing Hands Home Care Services

Evay Cosmetics:

I have been on the avenue for over 30 years, since 1975, and my business has grown since working with Upper Albany Main Street (UAMS). Working with them is how I received my first business loan. Through them, I have increased my product line, obtained new packaging, got help with hiring, and went international. All this was done though the UAMS branch of University of Hartford. I’ve learned how to better manage my business, got training on customer service and for myself. UAMS has provided me with extensive help that I need to run my business properly.

Vivian Akuoko
Owner Evay Cosmetics, LLC

Cheetah Toys & More, LLC:

How refreshing and empowering it was to realize that highly skilled professionals with open doors, helping hands and genuine smiles are in the neighborhood, in my background! Thanks to Upper Albany Main Street (UAMS) staff and volunteers, I received direct technology and business planning support that will propel my expanding business.

I previously had Independent Contractors working with me on a global level; Egypt, Philippines, India and China, and the experience is always bitter-sweet. After multiple trial and errors, I get what I want but with floating completion dates. I often lack proximity and the one-on-one interaction that is often necessary for unique projects.

Now, within the proverbial stone’s throw away, I personally meet with Upper Albany personnel and their assistance runs the gamut of website optimization, and other techno names that only Justin can remember, and business planning with then-employee, Felix.

Vinette was, and still continues to be, a much-need resource in formatting my sing-along books. Using existing illustrations and lyrics for each book, she created an interactive internet book with embedded music using HTML and JQuery programming languages, and she also created a dynamic PDF and power-point books with embedded music and shattering screens that are timed to the words of the songs. Marilyn introduces others to my dancing toys and plush backpacks whenever she gets a chance.

I am excited about the opportunity of working with students from the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business via the MBI Program. History will show that CHEETAH’s™ progress is favorably linked with UAMS!

Thank you UAMS! I appreciate your knowledge, creativity and overall professionalism.

Dr. P. Trowers-Lawrence
Tel: 860-794-5082
Fax: 877-602-6957
Email: paulette@mydreamcheetah.com
Website: www.mydreamcheetah.com

Paragon Tallent: 

Justin has been a great help to organizing the grassroots of the business. Paragon Talent International has a new website and a professional brochure thanks to Justin’s guidance and hard work. Justin vast up to date knowledge has paired with the ability to explain even the most complicated tasks to anyone. He is an asset to any business he encounters and we look forward to continuing our work of success with Justin and the rest of the UAMS staff.


Lee Johnson
Paragon Talent
Director of Operations

Love Your Style:

I was referred to UAMS by another merchant who apparently had their website created by a UAMS staff.

The moment I arrived I was greeted with a warm greeting and walked through the steps I would need to have a successful website and even much more I was given information by Justin that was very helpful to maintain my website. Vinette introduced me to many creative methods on how to present pictures and ideas that would make my site not just exciting to look at but also productive and financially beneficial for my company. Vinette has the ability to transform your website into much more than what you expect. Her professionalism, knowledge,and ability gives my website credibility. I truly appreciate Vinette, Justin and UAMS.

Thank You.

Hulet Purchas